High performance RDBMS based on a new memory model invention





i01 is a high performance and ACID compliant database platform for high volume enterprise solutions.  The design and software is developed by i01 Lab, a software laboratory based in Bern, Switzerland.The invention of its unique memory model has lead to remarkable breakthroughs with the laboratoryís R&D on high performance and cloud-based database technology. 


Memory Model Invention


By founding its architecture upon a unique memory model that spans seamlessly over a stream-based spectrum from real memory to disk, i01 successfully overcomes the known scalability dilemmas of conventional in-memory database engines.Benchmark tests now underline the projectís claims to have invented a RDBMS memory model for the future.


The i01 design was developed from the intuitive belief that the memory model for a system that performs at best is nothing else than the memory model of a system that expands well over a cloud-based architecture.  In both cases the primary aim is to keep as much as possible hot data alive in real memory as close as possible to where the processes need it.  This has to be achieved with the lowest possible memory management overheads.  Right through the design phase this belief drove us to the goal.  We have made significant progress in our field and judged by the simplicity of the solution and the performance results we are convinced that we must be right in our approach to handle the performance and cloud challenges as one and the same. 


i01 provides a range of storage solutions in the same db engine: db objects on the one end of the spectrum can be memory-optimised and ACID compliant.On the other end db objects can be defined for exclusive access and for in-memory residence only.


i01 Performance


From extensive market research the i01 laboratory strongly believes that no other db solution on the market reaches near the performance achievements that i01 can provide.The highly economic technique that draws the maximum capital from available real memory lies at the heart of the solutionís extraordinary performance ability.The results are achieved with minimum memory management overheads and in-memory instances effectively only allocate space at the size of the raw data itself.


From random input i01 achieves over 10 million indexed inserts of 30 byte rows per second into a single db object.The output is an indexed table with perfectly clustered index and data.It achieves this on a single low cost ($3000) 8-core server.These results stand well above that what has been expected until now from best performing in-memory databases on the market.


An extensive search engine over the Google N-gram as ideal Application


The extraordinary performance of i01 allows for business models that were hitherto deemed as impractical due to their excessive scale and performance demands to become perfectly feasible.


The Google N-gram is a perfect candidate for such an application and i01 Lab is planning to exploit this potential in the coming months.i01 technology can guarantee an index with a very high performance-to-cost ratio over an N-gram applicationís index requirement of 118 billion rows.As proof of concept a preliminary search engine with reduced N-gram data has been developed using the i01 infrastructure.Its relational database infrastructure offers further database engine abilities:

-†††† Multithreaded technology allows indexes to be updated and read at the same time

-          The back-end of In-memory indexes scales to disk

-          Disk-based index nodes in high demand will temporarily adopt the in-memory status


Assembled on 11.8.2008


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